Stuck at Home? Don't Forget to Check Your Auto-Injector's Expiration Date!

With so many of us home right now, it can be difficult to find ways to stay productive. Something that should be on every food allergic family's to-do list is checking your auto-injector's expiration date!

Epinephrine, of course, is the life-saving medication inside the auto-injector and has a shelf life of 18 months. That's why I do my best to keep the medication in as safe & stable of environment as possible while making sure it's up to date.

I received a friendly reminder by text from the pharmacy that it's still possible to renew my Auvi-Q prescription remotely and have my new medication delivered to my apartment.

Have you considered Auvi-Q?

For those of you not familiar with the Auvi-Q, it's an auto-injector from Kaléo that is becoming more and more accessible - as pointed out in a great blog from Nutrimom the other week. For qualifying families, it's available for little to no out-of-pocket cost. In my case, I paid $25 to renew my prescription.

I thought a helpful follow-up to her post would be to record my experience ordering my next set of Auvi-Q's so anyone that does decide it's the right option for their family can know what to expect when getting on the phone.

Manage Your Auto-Injector with the EpiCenter App

We're just days away from debuting the EpiCenter App for download & unveiling our physical device.

The EpiCenter App lets you add your auto-injector's expiration date so you can receive reminders when you're approaching renewal time.

We'll also be making our case available for pre-order. What is the EpiCenter Case? It's hardware designed to attach to your EpiPen or Auvi-Q (don't worry - there's more options on the way!) that wirelessly connects with our mobile app. The idea is that if/when you leave your medication behind, you'll receive a notification telling you to go back and retrieve your potentially life-saving medication.

Stay Connected & Get Important Updates

We'll be sharing a lot of exciting news over the next few weeks, including our app and product launch! If you want to be among the first to know when the app is available for download or if you'd like to pre-order the soon-to-be-unveiled case, be sure to subscribe using the form below:

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