EpiCenter App FAQs
How do I set up my profile?
  1. Tap "Get Started"
  2. Enter Your Name
  3. Tap "Next"
  4. Add your allergen(s)
  5. Complete profile by adding your email address to receive tutorials, important updates
How do I add allergens?
  1. Start by tapping "View All" allergens
  2. Select "Edit" in the top right part of the screen
  3. You may select/deselect any of the top-14 allergens
  4. You may also add allergens that are outside the top-14 by selecting "Add Other" and entering your new allergen(s) to appear on the home screen & medical I.D.
How do I add auto-injectors?
  1. Start by tapping "Auto-Injectors"
  2. Tap the "+" symbol in the upper right
  3. Enter your auto-injector's brand & expiration date
    • Where do I find my expiration date?
  4. Add other identifying information you would like to include like photo or lot number

From  epipen.ca

Where is the expiration date?
  • EpiPen's expiration date can be found on the side (see photo)​
  • Auvi-Q's expiration date can be found on the side (see photo)​
How do I add emergency contacts?
You can add new emergency contacts or take them directly from your phone. 
  1. Start by tapping "Emergency Contacts"
  2. Tap the "+" in the upper right
  3. To add an existing contact, tap "Phone Contacts"
    • Select the contact you want to add, include any details or photo, hit save
  4. To add new contacts, tap "Create New"
    • Add the person's information & hit save
What can I access in the emergency menu?
The Emergency Menu in the EpiCenter App is designed to help you access as many helpful resources as possible during an allergic reaction.
  • Automatically and/or manually call emergency services
  • Automatically and/or manually send an SMS alert to your emergency contact(s) to let them know you are experiencing an allergic reaction while sharing your GPS location
  • Display a medical I.D. with your allergen information and emergency contact
  • Display a translated "help" message in 47 languages letting someone know you need emergency medical attention 
  • Locate the nearest hospital(s) and open in your "Maps" app to find help
How do I select my emergency number?
Different countries use different emergency numbers. The U.S., for example, uses 911 while Taiwan uses 119. We'll be adding additional emergency numbers to the EpiCenter App. Right now, we have the U.S. and Canada set. For more information on which number to call during an emergency, we recommend referencing this travel.state.gov resource.
Which language should I show during an emergency?
The best language, of course, to use depends on whom you're speaking with. This link has one resource you can use for research. We also suggest you consult a travel guide or other local for area-specific advice.
What is the EpiCenter Case?

The EpiCenter Case is upcoming hardware that attaches to your EpiPen or Auvi-Q (don't worry - more versions are in the works!). It syncs with our app to let you and your contacts know if you accidentally forget your medication. It sends a notification with the last known location.

How can I get one?

Our goal is to release the EpiCenter Case this summer (2020). In the meantime, you can pre-order the device for $49.99 (down from $69.99) & get 3 months of a premium membership.


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