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Allergy Safety Update!

When you or someone that you know is diagnosed with food allergies, your world goes into overdrive. You begin to see every day things in a very different way. You prepare (literally) for life or possible death from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep. Vigilance is imperative and having the essential life-saving medications is a must. Having these items on hand also requires a type of strategy on it's own and knowing the latest updates regarding those necessities is part of staying ahead of the game. I am happy to share some of the ways that Auvi-Q has improved their product relationships to make it easier on all of us to have faster access and continued safety.

Public Access Just like most of us needs a buddy to help us out, Auvi-Q became that buddy. Auvi-Q now offers their epinephrine autoinjectors available for purchase to multiple public access areas where previously they may have been limited. Places such as schools, amusement parks, medical & dental offices, daycare centers, first responders, airlines and more can contact Auvi-Q for more information. You may feel as if this doesn't have anything to do with you as a person, at home, reading this but it does - think about even one of the times that you were out in public and realized that you did not have your autoinjector within reach. Knowing that they are available IF you need to have access to one is comforting. For more information, visit here and share with those who can stock up to keep others safe.

Affordable Mail Order Access I have personally used the Auvi-Q mail order in home delivery many times. The entire process for us was stress free, fast, convenient and it cost me $0 out of pocket. You can read about my firsthand experience on my blog but I also recommend that you try it out for yourself and share your experiences with others. Their Customer Service contacts take care of everything from start to finish which means you do not have to even speak with your insurance carrier. The home delivery option typically ends up costing $0 for most but there may be $25 maximum for others (just as point of reference Auvi-Q cash price is $289). When was the last time anyone said they would take care of something for you and it actually left you feeling relaxed? Food allergies can be constant stress so I, for one, am grateful for any moments that cause the opposite.

Pharmacy Partnership Auvi-Q also shared their newest partnership with Walgreens pharmacies. If you prefer to pick up your Auvi-Q versus waiting for a shipment to your home, you can locate the nearest Walgreens location that is most convenient to you at auvi-q.com/walgreens. This option will show you the five locations closest to your home. Simply ask your doctor to send the prescription to the location of your choice that is participating in the Auvi-Q partnership. This does not mean that other pharmacies will not be able to fill your prescription, this is simply a partnership where there will be less of a chance of waiting for your Auvi-Q should they not regularly stock the items.

We cannot control what happens every single moment of our life but we can control being prepared. Always carry two epinephrine autoinjectors and any other life-saving medications to help avoid an allergic tragedy. Discuss your health history with your physician prior to any and all medications to ensure the safest products for your needs and to keep open communication between you and your health network for optimal solutions. Your life IS worth it.

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