• Zoe T. Williams

Travelling with Multiple Food Allergies – Our Experiences

Now we are coming into summer, you may be thinking about holidays. Today, I thought I’d share our experiences of travelling with multiple food allergies and intolerances. My older daughter and husband both have mild food intolerances (gluten, lactose and some fruits and vegetables). My younger daughter had 6 food allergies (milk, soya, wheat, eggs, oats and legumes, now down to just soya and uncooked milk). She has non-IgE allergies (delayed reactions) although has had mild, immediate reactions (vomiting and hives) a couple of times as well.

Although thankfully we don’t have the fear of a severe reaction, travelling with this many allergies and intolerances can be a challenge in terms of actually finding things to eat! However, I’m determined not to let food allergies get in the way of living life. My motto is, we can still do things, but we may have to do them a little differently.

Accommodation for Families with Allergies

We definitely, one hundred percent, prefer self catering accommodation for travelling. This means we can store and prepare our own meals as we like. It also means we can make picnics to take on days out. We have stayed in hotels but only for overnight stays. I prefer this because I can still keep control of what everyone is eating and I don’t have to worry about finding suitable places to eat.


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