• Zoe T. Williams

Travelling To France with Food Allergies

Bonjour! I am just back from a week in France with my lovely husband, 2 children and my brother too.  It was our first family trip abroad.  In the past my younger daughter had so many food allergies I was just too worried about not being able to find anything to eat.  Now she is down to ‘just’ dairy and soya allergies we decided to give it a go. Children with food allergies shouldn’t miss out on all the fun experiences that their peers get to have.  It’s just a matter of finding a way to do things safely and making sure there is enough safe food to eat.  It needs a bit more planning and preparation in advance.  I’m hoping that sharing our experiences will help give you lovely readers more confidence to try it too!


When you have food allergies, the easiest choice when travelling is self-catering accommodation, especially for a longer visit.  It gives the most control and flexibility over food.  We booked a self-catering cottage in rural Normandy in northern France through Air BnB (if you click through you’ll get £25 credit when you sign up and I’ll get a £15 referral credit as well).  As well as the all-important kitchen, we had a heated outdoor swimming pool which is where we spent most of the week!


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