The EpiCenter: Our 2019 Commitment

Today is the last day of 2018, and everyone's got resolutions on the mind. Our team had an exciting 2018, but has far bigger plans for the coming year!

AssureTech started with an idea for a device (called the EpiCenter) and corresponding mobile application that would change the way people manage their severe allergies. After nearly two years of research, development, fundraising, and prototyping, our team is almost ready to bring this vision to life.

What's on the way? And how can you learn more?

What does the EpiCenter do?

Get Emergency Help

If an emergency should occur, our app can notify emergency services and pre-designated emergency contacts, send them your GPS location, and locate the nearest hospital. Like with the original AssureTech Mobile App, you also have the option to display a translated message asking for help locating emergency medical attention if you're abroad.

Just like our original app (shown here), you can find a hospital and ask for assistance in 25+ languages

Remember Your Auto-Injector

Do you have anxiety about forgetting your (or your child's) EpiPen or Auvi-Q? This recurring problem originally sparked the idea to start AssureTech. Our physical device (pictures on the way once our final design becomes patent pending) attaches to your EpiPen or Auvi-Q and syncs with our app. You'll receive a reminder whenever you leave your potentially life-saving auto-injector behind.

Should you forget it somewhere, our app will show you where it was last seen to help you find it. And best of all, our case is designed to hold either one or two EpiPens or Auvi-Q's, respectively.

Remember to bring your auto-injector with you, keep track of it's expiration, and more!

Translate Your Allergy

Carrying over from the original model, our new mobile application will also translate 100+ allergens in 25+ languages. Our translations give in-depth explanations when ordering food or asking about how already-made food was prepared.

Our translation function will be included in the new application as well

Keep Your Epinephrine Updated

Simple but critical, our application will also help you remember to renew your medication to keep it up to date.

How can you learn more?

As early as February 2019, we plan to make the EpiCenter App and Case available for testing and pre-order. You'll get the chance to try the prototype version of our app while offering feedback to our development team.

Three ways to stay in the loop:

1.) Download the AssureTech Mobile App and get in-app notifications about our progress in addition to enjoying the app's many helpful features.

2.) Subscribe to our website at the bottom of this page to receive emails when the EpiCenter is released.

3.) Follow us on social media--we're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and regularly make announcements and share helpful information about allergies here.

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