Save Money on Food Allergy Friendly Products with the EpiCenter App Allergy Store

If you've got food allergies, chances are that you've found it challenging to save money on food allergy friendly products. There are stats that show food allergic families paying more on average for food items than their non-allergic counterparts. And Covid-19's impact on grocery stores has made the experience even more complicated, with "free-from" isles getting depleted. Our Team built the Allergy Store as a way of supporting families with food allergies. We'll explain how you can save 10% or more on most products sold through our virtual grocery store!

Easy Sorting to Find Safe-to-Eat Products

Before we discuss how you can save on allergy-friendly products, it's important to show how easy it is to find items that avoid your family's allergen(s).

The process starts by choosing the type of product you're looking for from categories like allergy-friendly food, medical alert gear, or auto-injector cases.

Selecting allergy-friendly food gives you the option to toggle the allergen(s) that you and your family avoid.

You can choose from pre-selected categories, like "nut free" or "top-8 friendly," or individualize your choices based on your needs.

You'll be able to choose from over 30 different allergens and other dietary restrictions/preferences (such as vegan or non-GMO).

The Store is full of hundreds of different options, flavors, and brands for everyone!

Saving Money

Once you've decided on which products you'd like to try, it's time to take full advantage of the Allergy Store. We introduced a membership program to help families save money on food allergy friendly products.

The Premium Membership works like this: you pay $4.99 per month to access savings on safe-to-eat foods and other products from great companies in the Allergy Community. These discounts typically start around 10%. There are no limits on how much you're allowed to save, and the membership can be combined with other discounts offered.

A user recently saved $25 on a single order using the Allergy Store Membership.

What else does an Allergy Store Premium Membership get you? In the next EpiCenter App update, you'll also unlock additional emergency contacts (up to 30) and have access to exclusive content, recipes, & more.

Start a FREE 30-Day Trial with the Allergy Store

Top-8 Deals in the Allergy Store

If you're considering staring your free 30-day Allergy Store trial, there are a few deals you'll certainly want to be on the lookout for:

  1. $8 off No Nuts! Protein Bars - for food allergic fitness enthusiasts

  2. Save 10% on Red Plate Foods - top-10 allergen-free + vegan baked goods

  3. Save 10% on Bo & Ty's Sweets - allergy-friendly candy for special occasions & holidays

  4. Take 8% Off Trio Fudge - Nut & sesame-free sweetness

  5. Save $4 on Medpac - durable, insulating auto-injector cases

  6. Save 10% on Every Body Eat Thins - delicious top-15 free chips

  7. Save 65% on Allergy Books for Kids - educational, cute, and available in hardcover and eBook

  8. Save 18% on Kiss Freely products - allergy-friendly & vegan makeup

Start Saving Money on Allergy Friendly Products Today

If you'd like to try our online store and save on safe-to-eat food and more, start a risk-free 30-day trial of the membership today & take advantage of our new platform!

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