• TracyBNutrimom

Pandemic Does Not Mean Panic

It's no surprise that recently, our food sources have been literally limited. With the mention of a new possible health crisis looming, many of us are on the edge as to what the next step will be. For many of us, a trip to the food store has been eye-opening. Shelves are being emptied, necessary items are being depleted and the most uneasy feeling is not knowing exactly what to believe to stay safe.

Before you panic, stop and think. Is it scary to not know all of the facts about how to keep enough foods available while also staying safe? Yes. Is this situation making us feel very vulnerable- yes. This is because there are situations that we cannot control. However, being the seasoned food allergy mom that I am, I have learned to cope with various situations with the understanding that I CAN control some things and that is what I focus on. Especially when dealing with food allergies, anyone immediately panics at the thought of not having access to enough safe foods. This is completely understandable- food is something all of us needs to live. How can we ensure that this doesn't effect our homes? Here are some tips on what can be done to keep control of our foods:

- Frozen First and foremost, remember the value of home cooked meals. While others are grabbing shelf stable items, fill your shopping cart with real food. Frozen meats, vegetables, fruits and bread items can be kept and prepared as you need them for weeks at a time. You can also freeze leftovers.

- Canned Items such as beans, vegetables and more can be easily stored for months. Canned goods are also easily heated and work well as both mix-ins and side dishes. This is also an option to keep other options of protein on hand which your body needs to stay strong.

- Freeze-dried/dried food items are also shelf-stable items that can be used in place of fresh foods (such as fruits). If you are concerned about food spoiling, freeze-dried items are your go-to. Although some may be picky eaters, in a pinch these options will not get mushy and will still provide you with the vitamins you may need to have on-hand.

-Grilling Am I the only food allergy mother that always made sure I had gas for the grill in case the power goes out and I need to cook? We focus on needing to have enough food but are we also making sure that we have a backup plan to prepare the food just in case? Consider keeping one or two additional propane tanks or bags of charcoal for your grill.

My advice to those who may be feeling a bit unraveled lately- being prepared is not the reason to begin to panic. Being proactive gives you the upper hand, it allows you to stay one step ahead and in the end you will know that your actions kept your family as safe as they could be thanks to your own doing.

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