• Zoe T. Williams

Oral Immunotherapy for Peanut Allergy

Oral immunotherapy is an innovative new treatment for life-threatening peanut allergies. After an assessment, the child is given a tiny dose of peanut protein under medical supervision. They continue to take this dose at home. Then, the amount of peanut is increased very gradually. Each step up is given in the hospital, until the child can eat the equivalent of 2 peanuts. Completing the two-year course of treatment can massively reduce the risk of an allergic reaction for peanut allergy sufferers. Today, Amy shares the highs and lows of her son Jack’s oral immunotherapy treatment at a specialist private clinic in Cambridge in the UK.

I’m Amy, mum to Jack. I have decided to start to write and share Jack’s daily journey on social media. He has  a severe nut allergy and he started oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy treatment in 2018. You can follow our story on Facebook and Instagram.

Discovering Jack’s Peanut Allergy

So 7 years ago, out of the blue, Jack (now 11) has his first major reaction. We were enjoying a family meal with my two children, mum and my sister in the popular Gourmet Burger Kitchen restaurant. They offer peanuts in their shells to eat at your table. I can’t say I ever thought about nuts and the kids eating them but they fancied having a try and started breaking them apart !


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