Mama!! My Skin Is Itching!!

For the past couple of weeks Peyton has been telling me that her back and the front of her chest has been itching....she keeps saying “my rash has come back”. When she speaks of her rash, she is speaking of having a flare up with her eczema.  Peyton was born with atopic dermatitis, and her pediatrician at the time explained to me that it wouldn’t ever go away, the first flare up that that I saw was shortly after birth, when they tell you it’s the normal “baby rash”  Oh yeah, we did everything the after hours nurse told us to do, don’t put nothing on the rash, just use warm water to bathe her in.  Then they suggested to bathe her in Aveno Baby Oatmeal Bath...naw...that didn’t work either.  Let me stop right here, this should have been my first clue that this kid was going to have food allergies, according to research from FARE- children with atopic dermatitis typically have a greater risk for developing food allergies.  The only thing that worked for Peyton was Cetaphil and hydrocortisone cream, that’s the only thing that cleared the eczema up!!!

So when my sweet girl came to me on Sunday complaining to me at her swim meet that someone one had made a comment about her having back acne, and it made her feel self conscious...I told her don’t worry I will speak to your doctor and we will get you something to make it stop itching.  I messaged her pediatrician right then and let her knew that she had a flare up with her eczema and if she could call in something to the CVS on Monday.   Sure thing Monday I got the notification that we had medication ready for pick up.  

I don’t know if you all know, but for the past year we have been using goats milk soap for Peyton to help with her eczema, and boy will I tell you it really does.   My friend had a business, where she made the soaps, but she hasn’t been making them that has left me kind of stuck having to buy the soap from local grocery stores.   So on Sunday, we stopped at Buckees on the way home from San Antonio and I bought a bar of Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Soap, OMG!!!!  This stuff is so GREAT, only thing is I have to either buy this soap at Buckees in New Braunfels or order it online...and its not I got to  What if I just make my own goats milk soap.....????? 

So, with a combination of using this goats milk soap, Triamcinolone Cream, Hydrocortisone Cream, and 2 days my sweet girls eczema has almost cleared up!!!  This is a process like I keep saying, it’s so much to navigate that comes along with raising a food allergy’s not just staying away from your trigger foods, as you can see we have  dermatological needs as well. We've also started using Cetaphil's daily face wash for on Peyton. With starting middle school this year, I noticed a few bumps on her face. I contributed it to sweat on her face from gym class. Seems like it just wouldn't go away. You would have never noticed it if I wouldn't have said something. I'm not going to lie to you, I had her putting Proactive on that spot of bumps right between her eyes and on her forehead. was like if she used it, it would help with getting rid of the bumps.....but if she didn't use it...the just stayed there. I said to myself, "Proactive is to hard for her delicate skin"!! That's when I came across the Cetaphil Daily Face Wash, this stuff works like a dream!! Peyton does not have acne, it was just a small patch of bumps that appeared. girls face is smooth and oh so beautiful.  Now...let me do some research on making soap!!!

After making my own soap for the past few years using a goats milk based soap, I've come come across a new soap....Donkey Milk Soap. By far I feel like this soap has done so much more for Peyton's skin then using Goats Milk Soap. Donkey Milk Soap has a great lather, and its actually calmed her eczema. I tend to make my soap in bulk, enough that will last a family of five for months. I use essential oils to scent the soap, and no complaints from this family. I have a eighteen year old and fourteen year old son who both love my soaps. Just think, two stinky teenage boys who love the smell of lemon burst, grapefruit, and even a little softer sent like gorgeous gardenia.

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