#FounderFriday Part II: Food Allergy Nutrition & Mental Health

Everyone with a food allergy knows that managing the condition goes beyond the avoidance of allergens. While important, there are critical elements beyond this needed for a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and the managing the anxiety families and individuals feel can add layers of difficulty to effectively navigating life with allergies. The three founders we'll be highlighting this week are great examples of leaders in the space of food allergy nutrition and mental health.

1) Nicole Ciuppa, RDN - Founder of Nutritionally Nicole

Nicole Ciuppa, RDN is the dietitian and founder of Nutritionally Nicole, which offers online nutrition counseling to support the food allergy community.

"Nutritionally Nicole aims to educate and inspire those with food allergies to reach their nutrition goals."

Nicole explains that her reason for starting her company was, "The resilience and innovation of the food allergy community. That inspires me to be the dietitian illuminating their path of nutrition."

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2) Leah Robilotto, PsyM - Founder of The Food Allergy Institute

Leah Robilotto, PsyM is the allergy mom behind the Food Allergy Institute. As you can imagine, Leah's children inspire her to help families with food allergies come up with management strategies.

"My children who deal with so many challenges with courage and grace in their young lives inspired me to start the Food Allergy Institute."

Leah's background includes a Master’s in Child and Adolescent Psychology and conducting outreach programs for Food Allergy Research & Education.

"In short, I became the expert I needed."

3) Nishti - Founder of Nishti's Choice

The global food allergy community is filled with terrific resources and gives everyone a chance to learn about the experience of others from all over the world. One leader in the space of both food allergy nutrition and mental health from the UK is Nishti - the founder of Nishti's Choice. She started her company with the mission of, "Empowering parents to change the way they feed their children’s physical & emotional wellbeing."

One of her primary focuses is helping children suffering with cow's milk protein allergy. She provides quick solutions that include diagnosis and treatment.

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