Coronavirus: Allergy Parents, You’ve Got This!

We are living in uncertain times right now.  Many people across the world are having to cope with a huge amount of sudden changes all at once, with no warning.  It’s totally understandable to feel anxious or stressed at this time.  But at the same time there are still reasons to be positive.  Here are the reasons why allergy mums and dads are in a great position to handle the coronavirus:

Hand Washing

We are already used to cleaning surfaces and washing hands multiple times a day.  We do this to avoid allergen cross contamination.  Our insanely high hygiene standards will help is in the fight against coronavirus.  The fact that everyone else is now also having to reach these levels of cleanliness will only help protect our children from having an allergic reaction.  Let’s hope these standards can be maintained once things settle down again.


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