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Christmas present for anaphylaxis

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the allergy person in your life, check out my new book, The Reluctant Allergy Expert: How to kill the fear that anaphylaxis could kill you..

I don't want this to be a sales pitch but it has been a life's work and a whole bunch of therapy to write. Rather than me tell you how amazing it is, here is a brilliant video review to give you all the information you need.

I would like to thank Lindiwe Lewis, or Lindi for short. I am so blown away by this video review of my new book.


If you’ve been thinking about whether you need my book, Lindi has not only reviewed the book, she’s vloggged about why she loved it so much.

She has shared point by point why she loves it, from the personal stories I’ve included, the laws that govern allergies, where to find help, the psychological impact and more…

Thank you Lindi!

Watch Lindi’s video review here:

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Now I would like to shout out for Lindi.

We met last year while recording an episode of The Allergy Today podcast, which I hope will return soon… watch this space!

Lindi came on the panel for us and spoke up bravely and eloquently about her experiences with allergies. I was impressed with her professional attitude and not least because she’s so young! This girl will go far! Keep an eye on Lindi.

If you’re not already following her: I urge you to do so. I love what she does.

Visit her website – The Allergy Table Blog And follow her on Instagram at the.allergytable

She blogs recipes, thought pieces and her campaign, The person behind the allergy has been amazing. She also shares other allergy advocates stories which are really useful, heart-warming and inspirational to read.

So I want to thank Lindi for everything she does for the allergy community. Together we can make a difference, raise awareness about allergies and educate others about what living with allergies is really like. And remember, there is a person behind the allergy!

NB. Some of the content like legal info and resources are UK centric as this book is written by an English Author. It should still be invaluable to anyone with anaphylaxis.

You can follow my blog at https://whatallergy.com/

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