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AssureTech to Receive $3.5K Grant from Startup Alleghenies, Building Prototype of EpiCenter

HUNTINGDON, PA--AssureTech, LLC, a software and technology startup, was awarded with a Step Up Grant, which includes $3,500 towards their continued development of the EpiCenter Mobile App and Device. The grant was awarded by Startup Alleghenies, a free program in central Pennsylvania that helps aspiring entrepreneurs locate the information, tools and connections that will move their idea from vision to market.

The Step Up Grant, in conjunction with grants from Ben Franklin Technology Partners and Juniata College, will support the team's further development of an advanced food allergy management system: the EpiCenter.

The EpiCenter will include functions to help food allergy sufferers navigate dangerous situations, like notifying a local emergency services and pre-designated emergency contacts during an allergic reaction. The software will also interface with a physical device that helps remind a person with food allergies to bring his or her auto-injector (like the EpiPen) with them.

The EpiCenter is also set to incorporate the existing functions in the AssureTech Mobile App, the company's flagship software. These functions include the effective translation of 130+ food allergies and connection to a supportive community.

A portion of AssureTech's new grant will be reserved for recruiting more beta testers to help take the app through the final stages of development.

Anyone interested in signing up to test the EpiCenter Mobile App can do so by visiting, or by using the signup field below:

Anyone interested in following AssureTech's continued growth and developmental efforts is encouraged to follow their LinkedIn Page or other social media.