A Look Back at 2019 & Previewing 2020

2019 was an exciting year for AssureTech, filled with opportunities to connect with the food allergy community and further develop our software solutions. All of this momentum has helped prepare our team for some very big news that we'll be previewing in this blog and announcing more about in 2020! We're sharing our our top-9 favorite moments from the year, in chronological order & then setting the stage for news on the way: 1 - Receiving Ben Franklin Technology Partners' Seed Capital Grant

We started 2019 by receiving a $10,000 grant from Ben Franklin Technology Partners to support development efforts as we refined the AssureTech Mobile App.

2 - Releasing the AssureTech Mobile App to Both Major App MarketsWe built on our soft release in late 2018 and Seed Capital Grant we received to make the AssureTech Mobile App on both major app stores, along with some new-and-improved features, like calling an Uber and other emergency functions.

3 - Presenting at the Innovex Mini Saloon & Demo Pitch for BioTech & HealthcareWe've been fortunate enough to find opportunities to talk about food allergies around the world, and in Spring 2019, Joey DiGangi got to present some of the Food Allergy Community's top issues with traveling abroad and our company's mission to help in Taipei, Taiwan at the Innovex Mini Saloon & Demo Pitch for BioTech & Healthcare.

4 - Featured in PA Business CentralOur company was profiled in PA Business Central's early-summer feature talking our mission to make living and traveling with food allergies easier to manage. 5 - Becoming the Official App Sponsor of FABlogCon 2019

The mid-summer highlight came when our team had the opportunity to attend the Food Allergy Blogger's Conference as the official app sponsor after we developed the Conference's app. The event was a great opportunity to connect with the Food Allergy Community and included delicious, safe-to-eat food and beautiful views!

6 & 7 - Presenting at + Partnering with Allergy OrchardThese two were originally separate items, but really belong together. We first met Tammy Gingras-Moore, one of Allergy Orchard's co-founders along with Karen DiPace, while attending FABlogCon, and were invited to their brick-and-mortar store in Lancaster, PA to talk about some of our experiences living and traveling with food allergies. We soon realized the overlap in our respective missions to connect as many people with food allergies as possible to resources in the community, like safe-to-eat food. This led to our combined effort to create the Allergy Store.

8 - Receiving Startup Alleghenies' $3.5K Step Up GrantOne of our goals for 2020 includes introducing a physical device that attaches to your (or your child's) auto-injector. We applied for, and received, $3,500 to advance our prototyping effort. We expect to debut the design and accept preorders this summer.

9- Attending the Food Allergy Fund

In November, we had the chance to attend the Food Allergy Fund. This was our first time attending the event in Washington, D.C., and we can't wait for future opportunities to make an appearance!

SNEEK PEAK AT THINGS TO COME IN 2020We've been hard at work listening to the community's feedback and designing our more-advanced solution, the EpiCenter App. We will be announcing more throughout the coming months, but we now have the resources in place to begin the final stages of development! You can now demo the software and offer feedback on our user interface to help make adjustments to the look and feel of the upcoming app.

You can also sign up for updates on the app leading up to it's expected release in spring 2020 using the form below:

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