• Zoe T. Williams

13 Money Saving Tips to Reduce Your Food Bills

In my last blog post I showed that ‘free from’ foods can cost double, triple or even more compared to their standard equivalent.  We’ve certainly noticed a sharp increase in our food bills since having multiple food allergies and intolerances in the family.  We’ve talked about this over on my Instagram stories earlier this month and my lovely followers have shared some of their money saving tips. If you’re feeling the squeeze from the extra cost of avoiding dairy, gluten or any other food, here are some suggestions for you.

1. Plan Your Meals

This was the top tip from other mums of children with food allergies! Personally, I couldn’t live without my meal plan.  Once a week, I plan out a whole week’s meals in advance: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and do a big shop.  Then I top up with fresh fruit and veg later in the week as needed. Or at least, I text my husband what he needs to pick up on his way home from work!  This helps to avoid last minute expensive purchases from convenience stores.  It also means we make use of our leftovers instead of throwing them in the bin. Plus, it helps my sanity if I know in advance what I’m going to cook each night!


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