The EpiCenter App

We believe in making food allergies easier to manage - whether facing an emergency situation or day-to-day issues like finding safe-to-eat food or getting support from the community. The EpiCenter App is designed to help you navigate the different and complex aspects of life with food allergies, whether you're in your own country or traveling abroad. Sign up today to get updates as we approach its Spring 2020 release!

The EpiCenter App
Finding Help

Call emergency services, send an SMS to your contacts, display a translated "help" message, & locate the nearest hospital.


The EpiCenter is designed to make traveling with a food allergy safer by incorporating effective translations.

Track Your Auto-Injector

Track your auto-injector's expiration date, & connect with our case to receive reminders if you leave it behind.

Connect with the Community

Connect with great content creators from the food allergy community and learn about safe-to-eat food and other related products!