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Peyton's Allergy Shield of Hope (P.A.S.H.)



Peyton's Allergy Shield of Hope (P.A.S.H.)

P.A.S.H. was created in early 2019 as a thought that I had. Me, being a mother who has a 11 year old daughter who has multiple food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, the yolk of eggs, a mild dairy allergy, and penicillin. After finding out that my 3 year old daughter almost died in front of me from eating a half of a half of a cashew, given two rounds of the Epi Pen, put on pure oxygen....and being rushed to Dell Children’s...I found myself lost scared and not knowing what to do. My husband and I would go into the grocery stores and not know what to buy....because she our poor daughter was allergic to everything it seemed like...not to mention I have two older son’s to feed....we would think...what do we do?? There were no support one I could ask questions to, someone to help guide me. I would ask the doctors questions sometimes and they would look clueless.

So early this year I thought........I want to start a organization that will serve our community to help educate and advocate for those living with food allergies. Navigating food allergies has been easy for us thru elementary school until last year (5th grade). Now Peyton has started 6th grade and this is all new again to us. This is where P.A.S.H. comes in and help families navigate this tricky and scary world of food allergies.

---Kamisha York - Author of "How Not to Go Nuts" Blog + Founder of P.A.S.H.

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