• Zoe T. Williams

Is Soybean Oil Safe for Soya Allergy?

Babies with cow's milk protein allergy are often allergic to soya too. For those with peanut allergy, a small number will also be allergic to soya. It could be one of multiple allergies, or soya may be your only allergy. Thankfully, under current labelling laws, soya (or soy, depending on where you are in the world) has to be listed as an ingredient in foods, whether you are in the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada or Australia. This makes it much easier to spot foods that contain soya. But what about soybean oil?

This is a question that came up recently in a group chat I'm in, and it was a question I had had myself a while back after I came across this ingredients label:

I live in the UK, where soya has to be highlighted in bold in ingredients lists. But this food contains soybean oil, which isn't highlighted in bold! Does this mean the manufacturer has made a mistake with their labelling?

I was worried as my daughter is very sensitive to soya and even reacts to small amounts of soya lecithin. So I decided to do some more research. Here's what I found out:


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