Everything You Need to Know About the Allergy Store

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

With roughly two weeks until the Allergy Store goes LIVE, the Allergy Orchard and AssureTech Teams couldn't be more excited to start offering a number of allergy-friendly products in one location!

We wanted to publish some of the top information that we think everyone should know about the Allergy Store as we prepare to launch the new joint store:

What makes the Allergy Store different from a regular grocery or online store?

We're centered around food allergies...meaning meaning that we don't just have one section of the website (or isle, if you're visiting Allergy Orchard's physical location) dedicated to being allergy-friendly.

Instead, the whole site/store is full of different brands and choices that are free from many of the top allergens.

You'll also have access to information on how/where to contact the manufacturer directly if you have questions. And we're one email away if you want to request help finding other brands and/or items free from your allergens.

Are all of the items in the Store free from _________________?

The short answer: no. The Store is filled with a wide range of different products--and we're always looking to expand--so that means that not all products are necessarily free from the same allergens.

Fortunately, the online store separates food items by the allergens that they're free from, making it easier to distinguish what options are right for you.

****It goes without saying, but we're including it here anyway, that everyone should ALWAYS check the labels before eating anything ordered from the Store or elsewhere

What if I'm looking for something that's not in stock or not carried by the Store?

We're always looking to add to the number of resources that we have for people with food allergies. If you're in the Store and don't see an item that you're looking for, or something is out of stock, you can contact our team and we'll be more than happy to help!

Are you an allergy-friendly retailer that's interested in working with us?

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How does the premium membership program work?

Every item in the Allergy Store is available at a discounted rate for our premium membership holders.

Premium membership is available for a monthly rate of $2.99, or $24/year if you sign up for the annual plan.

From now until the Store's official launch on November 1st, 2019, you can lock in a lifetime 50% discount!

Will the Store be accessible through the AssureTech Mobile App?

Yes! when the Store is launched, you'll also be able to browse your favorite products from AssureTech's mobile application.

If you haven't downloaded the app yet, you can find it available on the App Store and Google Play:

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