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#FounderFriday Part I: "Free-From" Founders

It's #FounderFriday, & our team is excited to share some of the wonderful entrepreneurs in the Food Allergy Community with you. In the first installment of the series, we're introducing the entrepreneurs behind three allergy-friendly food companies and the stories that led to their inception.

1) Jaime Festa - Founder of Trio Fudge

Jaime founded her company in 2018. Trio Fudge is a family owned & operated business based out of New Jersey. They offer over 30 flavors of traditional, seasonal, and out-of-the-box options! All flavors are Peanut, Tree Nut and Sesame Free.

"The 'Trio' is just 3 of us - Jaime, Pete, and Jesse. Together we are the bakers, the marketing and finance departments, creative team, event staff, social media gurus, and everything in between!"

What inspired her to start her company?

I am a wife, mother of 2 amazing kiddos, an artist, and most recently a small business owner! I have been making Fudge for about 12 years.

2) Michelle Carfagno - Founder of The Greater Knead

Michelle has been baking since 8yrs old. She lives outside of Philly with her husband, 2 step-daughters, her dog, and 2 cats.

She founded her company in 2012 after her grandfather & sister were diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Michelle realized that many families were struggling to find safe food.

The Greater Knead was founded to recreate the New York Style bagel into something that is gluten-free and free-from the top common allergens that still captures an amazing dense and chewy taste and texture of a true bagel.

Our bagels are manufactured in our own dedicated allergen-free facility and sold in 3 flavors at retailer stores and 9 additional flavors online.

You can The Greater Knead's allergy-friendly flour & bagel chips in the Allergy Store, or visit their site to see their entire product selection.

3) Becca Williams - Co-Founder of Red Plate Foods

Becca is co-founder of Red Plate Foods, free from the Top-9 Allergens. Becca developed anaphylaxis to dairy at 36 years old after pregnancy.

Red Plate Foods is FREE FROM Top 9 Allergens, Vegan, Gluten Free, and made in a dedicated facility in Bend, OR.

"Our soft-baked cookies, flavorful cupcakes & perfectly toasted granola will delight your family," she explained. "Just like you, our family scrutinizes labels searching for food free from allergens."