3 Allergy-Related Podcasts You Should be Listening To

September 30th is #InternationalPodcastDay! We're thrilled to share three podcasts with you from the Food Allergy Community that our team regularly listens to. Each has a unique voice, great advice, and can make long drives or the post-lunch hours in the office fly by. And the best part: the hosts of the three podcasts regularly bring on other leaders in the Community - from those in the medical space to free-from food manufacturers to parents to young adults - you'll love listening to their stories!

Killer Food Allergies Podcast with Holly Bayardo

Irreverent and bitter, with maybe a little light swearing, Holly Bayardo says what we’re all thinking.  Her journey into the complex and confusing world of allergies offers insight for all of us, whether we are a little sneezy, or could die from ingesting a single sesame seed.  Without being afraid to say things like, “…big pharma is working against us,” Holly’s raw, unfiltered, viewpoint is refreshing and much needed.  As the mom of a daughter with complex & terrifying food allergies, Holly is deep in the trenches of what seems to have become an outbreak of illness for this generation of children.  In her experience, just the word - ALLERGY - has become a lightning rod for controversy and confusion. 

Why this curious spike?  With her “laugh so I don’t cry…”  approach, sprinkled with a fantastic line up of guests, Holly hopes her experience on the front lines with this epidemic will help answer that question and more.

Food Allergies & Your Kiddo with Dr. Alice Hoyt

If your kiddo or a kiddo you love has food allergy, then this is the podcast for you. Join me, Dr. Alice Hoyt, as we dive into all things food allergy. I'm a board-certified allergist and immunologist and I interview world-renown allergists as well as food allergy advocates and other food allergy families, just like yours. My goal? Answer YOUR food allergy questions and provide you with strategies that you can then discuss with your allergist. I'll demystify this strange and often scary disease so that you and your family can do what all families want to do: enjoy life. This podcast is accompanied by my infoblogFoodAllergyandYourKiddo.com, where you can find even more evidence-based information about navigating life with food allergies.

May Contain Podcast with Daniel Kelly

"This podcast is hosted by Daniel Kelly. Daniel has a peanut & nut allergy, first made aware at age 5 (26 now). He is very active in the allergy awareness community. In 2015 he designed an allergy magazine to raise awareness for anaphylaxis whilst at university. The magazine was designed to show an EpiPen® being fashionable. The magazine was a hit and people took notice (quite right), have a look here."

This writeup comes from The Allergy Table Blog. If you'd like to read more of her review, you can visit her page here.

Looking for More Podcasts???

We know there are so many other great food allergy podcasts out there...what are your recommendations? Let us know in the comments!

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