FABlogCon 2019: Sharing Experience, Knowledge, & Food in the FA Community

Anyone who's been following our social media feed the past couple of weeks knows how excited our team was to attend the Food Allergy Blogger Conference (FABlogCon) from August 14-15th. For those of you not familiar, FABlogCon is a gathering of brands, bloggers, medical professionals, and individuals throughout the food allergy community. This year's event was in Portland, ME, and the AssureTech Team attended as an all-access sponsor, and official app provider for the event.

This was the backdrop of the Conference in Portland, ME!

If we had to summarize the event in a single word, it would be "Community." Between learning from others, connecting with allergy-related brands, and sitting down to share safe-to-eat food, we were surrounded by a community that's dedicated to supporting people with food allergies.


Exchanging Information within the Allergy Community

We attended several great talks throughout the Conference and had dozens of opportunities to share our team's mission.

It's impossible to summarize all of the great messages or awesome speakers at FABlogCon without leaving something or someone out, but we can touch on a couple of presentations we attended and direct you to where you can learn more:

1) More & More People/Restaurants are Becoming Allergy Aware

This positive piece of news came from a talk by Paul Antico, founder of Allergy Eats.

2) Great Travel Tips from Our Friends at Allergy Force

Allergy Force's CEO & Co-Founder, Gayle Rigione, had several great travel tips for people with food allergies, like what to research prior to leaving the country, how to prepare your seat on the airplane, and more!

3) And a Myriad of Important Information from Dr. Ruchi Gupta, MD!

Dr. Gupta is at the forefront of food allergy research, and shared updated statistics during her talk and discussed some of the effects that allergies have on the quality of life.

Like we said, we can't include everything in a single blog post, but we suggest visiting FABlogCon's website to learn about all of the presenters, their topics, and stay informed for next year's conference!


Connecting with Food Allergy Bloggers

One of the most enjoyable aspects of FABlogCon 2019 was getting to connect with voices throughout the FA community and exchange experiences, ideas, and more!

One blogger we finally got to meet in person, Nutritionally Nicole, put together a great video recap of the event, and introduces some of the different individuals and teams present (including our team):

Introducing a New Update to the AssureTech Mobile App

While we're on the subject of talking about bloggers in the FA community, it's a great time to introduce a new feature that lets approved bloggers upload their work directly to the AssureTech Mobile App. The goal is to create a mobile resource that's continually getting updated with helpful content!

If you're a food allergy blogger and would like to contribute to our app, contact us today.


Delicious & Safe-to-Eat Food

It would be impossible to share any experience like FABlogCon 2019 without touching on the joy of finding great safe-to-eat foods every meal and in the swag bag we received.

Featured in the grid above:

Enjoy Life Food


Sun Butter



We couldn't have asked for a better experience at our first FABlogCon, and can't wait until they announce information on next year's event! If you'd like to stay up to date on our team's work, events, and more, be sure to subscribe and/or give us a follow on social media:




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