Everything You Need to Know about Our New Emergency Features in One Minute or Less

The AssureTech Team has been hard at work making the AssureTech Mobile App more effective than ever during an emergency. Thanks to a $10,000 grant we received earlier in the year, we're releasing brand new emergency features!

Here's everything you need to know:

Get Emergency Medical Attention When You Need It

The AssureTech Mobile App has always included the option to locate the nearest hospital(s) in an emergency and display a translated message asking for help. But now you can also schedule transport to these hospitals with the new Uber integration.

Just tap a location on the map, and it will open Uber with the location already keyed in!

Ask for Help During an Emergency

The AssureTech Mobile App already includes a message asking for help accessing emergency medical attention (that can be translated into 30 different languages), but will now include instructions for how to effectively administer and EpiPen.

Would You Like to Download the AssureTech Mobile App?

Our allergy management tool is available on both app stores. If you'd like to download, just tap one of the buttons below, or learn more on our website.

We're Not Done Yet...

Our team is constantly looking to introduce better solutions to our mix. We're in the process of designing our next, more-advanced tool right now. If you'd like to sign up to test our next-generation solution before it's available on app stores, visit our website.

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