Easy Dairy Free Risotto Recipe

This easy dairy-free risotto is super simple to make, although it definitely won't win any points for authenticity! Perfect for all the family, from babies who can handle lumpy textures and up. Combine with your favourite toppings for a hearty and satisfying meal. Another bonus is this basic recipe is free from all common allergens, low FODMAP and vegan too! Whether you are lactose free or gluten free, or both, this simple risotto recipe is for you!

Customise Your Dairy Free Risotto

Some of our favourite risotto flavour combinations are below. Note: please check serving sizes for low FODMAP diets:

  • Butternut squash and sage risotto

  • Chicken and sweetcorn risotto

  • Ham and pea risotto

  • Leek and bacon risotto

  • Roast dinner leftovers!

  • Nutritional yeast (for a cheesy flavour without dairy)

How to Make Easy Dairy Free Risotto

I am a very lazy cook and so I like to make recipes as easy as possible! 'Proper' risotto involves frequent ladling of stock and constant monitoring. My approach is more 'bung everything in and get on with it'. Authentic Italian risotto is also supposed to be 'al dente' but we like it well-cooked, soft and stodgy!

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