Anaphylaxis Anniversary - Learning & Reflecting

It’s been one year since having an allergic reaction in Taiwan (Oct. 1). For September’s newsletter, we wanted to send message to our audience thanking them for their continued support and reflecting on how the experience continues to impact the work we do:


An allergic reaction in a foreign country without the ability to communicate or ask for help was among the biggest fears I had when I left for Taiwan. One year ago today, I was taken to the hospital after accidentally coming into contact with peanuts due to miscommunication. 

As we head into fall, I want to reflect on how the experience impacted AssureTech's mission, and thank all of you for your continued support and feedback.

Designing Solutions for the Worst-Case Scenario

I was fortunate enough to get the medical attention I needed because my coworkers took the day off. They knew where the hospital was, drove me there, and translated my condition on my behalf. What if they weren't there? 

This question drove the design of each emergency feature in the AssureTech Mobile App. In our newest video, I talk about how the App can provide the same help my coworkers gave me:

130+ .... What's the Significance of this Number?

That's how many allergens are included in the AssureTech Mobile App's translation database, but it's even more significant than that...Those allergens were gathered thanks to the incredible support of our community, and over 150 survey responses from people sharing their experience with food allergies for the benefit of others.

To learn more about the AssureTech Mobile App, visit our site.

Making Strides Towards More-Advanced Solutions

Our team is continually working to deliver more-advanced food allergy management solutions. We were recently awarded a $3.5K grant to push towards our goal. Learn more by checking out our latest press release.

You can also sign up to test the app by visiting our site, or using the field below:

Thank you for your continued support,

Joey DiGangi - Owner, Founder, Inventor

AssureTech, LLC

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