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Top 10 Challenge

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Top 10 Challenge

The EpiCenter Case is designed to help you & your family remember your epinephrine when you go out. We have models for the EpiPen & Auvi-Q that attach to the auto-injector & sync with our mobile app.

If you leave your life-saving epinephrine behind, you'll receive a notification telling you to go back & retrieve your auto-injector.

Preordering today helps you save $20 & get three months of premium membership ($4.99/month), in addition to supporting

Top 10 Challenge


The goal of the challenge is two-fold: (1) to spread awareness & empathy about the challenges of living with food allergies, and (2) to raise funds for allergy research (to be donated directly to Canadian Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Foundation).
So how do we raise awareness? By challenging people to go without any (or all) of the top 10 allergens for a meal or in the days leading up to Food Allergy Awareness Month in April. Participants will be provided with a customizable fundraising page, where they will share their mission, the status of their challenge, and actively seek out sponsorship from their friends, family and community.


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