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The Love for Giovanni Foundation

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The Love for Giovanni Foundation

The EpiCenter Case is designed to help you & your family remember your epinephrine when you go out. We have models for the EpiPen & Auvi-Q that attach to the auto-injector & sync with our mobile app.

If you leave your life-saving epinephrine behind, you'll receive a notification telling you to go back & retrieve your auto-injector.

Preordering today helps you save $20 & get three months of premium membership ($4.99/month), in addition to supporting

The Love for Giovanni Foundation


The Love for Giovanni Foundation was created in memory of Giovanni Cipriano. Giovanni was born on August 18, 1999 and gained his angel wings on October 18, 2013 when he unfortunately lost the fight of food allergies.
He was such a beautiful boy. So loving, caring, helpful. Loved life. He is so very much missed by all. His sister is all alone without him. His friends loved him so much.
The one thing that is consistent when they speak of him is how beautiful his smile was, how he was so happy, always goofing off, making everyone laugh; he knew if you were having a bad day he would ask if you were ok and find a way to make you feel better.
He was a star athlete. He was a best friend, great cousin, Uncle. He was the best brother. He was my little boy, my little man. He took care of me, and I took care of him. He was my friend, my partner. He was the reason I did EVERYTHING I did. He was his dad’s pride and joy. To say his dad is lost without him is an understatement.
He was an honor student. He knew to be helpful, to be of service, to be respectful. He knew how to seize the day and run with it.
Giovanni’s loss is felt not just here in our family, in our community, but all over the country. Giovanni’s loss is awful, it is heart wrenching, it doesn’t make sense. If it has taught us one thing, it is that we know we don’t want anyone to ever have to feel the pain that we feel.


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