Joey DiGangi - Owner & Founder

Joey DiGangi is a lifelong food allergy sufferer & the founder of AssureTech, LLC. He started the company in his junior year at Juniata College with a mission to introduce game-changing technology to the community.

He taught himself the necessary skills to develop AssureTech's early software and website, and continues to serve the company as CEO.

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Developing Solutions from Personal Experience

Joey Describing His Allergic Reaction Abroad

The Original Software Released for Travelers

The inspiration behind AssureTech's software and hardware originally came from Joey's personal experience with food allergies. 

The initial software release - the AssureTech Mobile App - was created as a response to Joey's trip to the hospital in a foreign country after failing to properly translate his allergies. The original app offered effective translations in over 30 languages & could help locate and ask for emergency medical attention.

Equally important for developing solutions has been the input from the food allergy community. When new ideas were formed, the online support and feedback received played a critical role in deciding which projects to pursue to create the best technology possible. 

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