EpiCenter Case

The EpiCenter Case attaches to your epinephrine auto-injector and syncs with the EpiCenter App to remind you and your designated contacts if they leave the life-saving medication behind.

Presale Price: $69.99 --> $49.99

*includes $7 shipping

Product Description

AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER NOW - Expected Release in Summer 2020


Preorder today to save $20 & get 3 months of premium access to the EpiCenter App when the case is delivered


The EpiCenter Case holds two auto-injectors & wirelessly syncs with our mobile app. You (and your network) will receive a reminder if you leave it behind somewhere. The App also shows your epinephrine's last known location for easier retrieval. 


  • Versions being developed for EpiPen & Auvi-Q (Auvi-Q mockups on the way)

  • Includes 3 months of premium EpiCenter App membership ($4.99/month)

  • Also monitors expiration date

  • Expected release: Summer 2020


Text on case reads:

"Allergic to:__________"

"Emergency Contact:________"


Refund Policy

The EpiCenter Case is available for preorder right now. You are able to order the device ahead of time & save $20 + get your first three months of membership free. Should you decide at any point before production begins that you would like a refund, simply email info@epicenter-app.com to request a full refund (minus the PayPal transaction fee of 2.9%). We'll process the refund within 2-3 business days.

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