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We were started by a member of the food allergy community and designed our solutions based on real-life experiences managing an allergy that we observed, and from the experiences of others that took the time to share their stories with. Our goal is to help people with food allergies communicate with ease, whether facing an emergency situation, language barrier, or trying to connect with the food allergy community.

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Joey Digangi III - CEO

Joey DiGangi is a lifelong food allergy sufferer. He started AssureTech as an undergraduate at Juniata College to help people with food allergies. He designed the AssureTech Mobile and Desktop App following a life-threatening reaction experienced while living and working abroad. 

He's represented AssureTech in various business pitch competitions, industry events, conferences, and more.

Kdan Mobile Software

Kdan Mobile is a global SaaS provider that has partnered with AssureTech to deliver the EpiCenter App. The Kdan Team has been developing mobile applications for 10+ years, and will be developing our more advanced software that expands on the AssureTech Mobile App, introducing new emergency features, helping to track your auto-injector(s), and more!


Featured in Picture - Kenny Su (CEO, Kdan Mobile) (R) & Joey DiGangi (CEO, AssureTech)

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Partners in the Food Allergy Community
The Coza Group

The Coza Group was founded by Caron Pollard and collaborated with AssureTech to develop the Teal Personal Allergy Assistant.

Caron is a food allergy mum and the entrepreneur behind Teal. She has a strong background in Communications and Digital Marketing in the world of real estate and healthcare industries, with a special interest in food allergies.

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Equal Eats

We’ve partnered with Equal Eats to include their food allergy translations in our EpiCenter App. The goal is to make studying abroad with food allergies a safe and impactful experience. We also know from experience that sometimes medical emergencies still happen. This is why we also include a translated “HELP” message in 50+ languages.

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Perimark, and its two principle founders, Magnus Roos Daniel Patton, have been some of AssureTech's longest standing technical partners - providing our team with mentorship and technical expertise since our company's inception. We 

Resources in the Food Allergy Community

CertiStar is on a mission to protect and to improve the safety and dining experience of men, women and children vulnerable to food allergens. CertiStar’s individualized menus help restaurants take the guesswork out of food allergies by displaying dining options in green, yellow, and red. Items listed in green are allergen friendly, anything in yellow needs to be modified, and items in red are unsafe and should be avoided.

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